Thank you for all that you do and being there for me when I had no one else. I hope you had a great day.
Happy Birthday,
~ Crystal

Thanks for everything you did for me. You have made me a better person.
~ Samantha S.

Hi Jody - I hope you're having a beautiful day. I just left my PO's office and I've been approved to go back to my real home. I've loved being at the Rising Sun - Beach House and appreciate all you've done for me. Giving me a homey and safe place to live. It's been a great experience thanks to you.
~ KM

You are all amazing. Thank you so much for starting the new Fire Pit Meeting for us. I loved it!! You all truly care and that makes my heart happy.
~ Kandi K.

William, I wiped down the floors, closet, dresser, shelves in bedroom. Also, cleaned out kitchen shelves and refrigerator.
I appreciate you being such a great House Manager. This is the best sobriety house I have lived in. A wonderful experience. Thank you for everything!!
~ Cary N.

When I first came to the Rising Sun almost 4 months ago, I had just been incarcerated for About 8 months. I had no place to live, no job, and very few resources. 1 month later my ex-wife, and mother of my 11 yr old daughter passed away due to a stroke. I relapsed and I was devastated. Anyway, due to my being able to have steady, sober living at the rising sun, I was able to get back on track. I have now become employed, am working a recovery program, and have just got my drivers license back after nearly 10 years. I don’t believe that this progress in my life would have been possible without the Rising Sun.

~ Shane M.

Thank you for everything, especially picking me up in Boise and getting me warm clothes to sleep in! It really meant a lot that you cared even-though you didn't know me. Your an angel.

~ Kristina W.

I just wanted to thank you for the place to live and for being so helpful all the time. Take care.

~ Jesse B

I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you and your family provided me and others with a place. I'm glad you guys do what you do and you've made a difference for me. Good luck with Rising Sun and I wish you much success! Thank You! :-).

~ Del B.

When considering safe and sober housing, I was skeptical to say the least. I found the staff at Rising Sun considerate and able to listen to me. They placed me in this great place. It's a no -nonsense operation for people who are serious about recovery. The discipline and mutual respect of all tenants and staff help to put a positive spin on life.

~ Oz

My name is Tammy I have been at the Rising Sun for about 3 months now, and I absolutely love the house I am at. Antoinette and Tammy have been absolutely amazing with how they run this home. It is kept very orderly, a safe and sober home. If there are questions of any kind about anything in our house we immediately go to Tammy and or Antoinette about our concerns and it is kept confidential so that we can remain comfortable in our home. My experience has been one that I will remember in my years to come. I had to transition here due to some mistakes that I had made, and if I weren’t welcomed and made to feel at home, and that I could talk to them about anything I had been feeling, I am not sure I would have made it through my rough times. We have 11 women here and we have pulled together and became a family, we only have each other and we welcome any new person who is struggling to transition into a new and better way of life. We work a program of AA together, we cook and clean together, we do not fight and argue, we sit and talk amongst ourselves to problem solve any issues that come up. This transition house has become a home to us so that we may live in comfort. I would recommend it to any woman who wants to change there life and make it.
~ Tammy B.

My name is Jarrid Y. and i was released from prison six months ago with no where to go and nothing to my name. Rising sun made sure that i had a place to go upon my release and any time i have ran into struggles or hard times i have been able to turn to the house manager and he has always been there to help whether it was lending an ear or offering suggestions to point me back in the right direction! If not for the housing and help i have been provided i would be loaded and on my way back to prison for a very long time. I am truly grateful for the opportunities i have been blessed with here!! ~ Jarrid Y.

Living at Rising Sun has been very helpful in my transition into a sober lifestyle. I have had the first sense of stability in my life for a long time. Being in a house with other sober women working towards the same goals has been a great help and I really love the safety that I feel living here. Being close to the bus routes has helped me gain independence and help to get to my appointments and work. The staff here has been very helpful in making sure there is comfort and harmony in our house. Thanks Rising Sun!! ~ Millissa W.

The Rising Sun Inn is in an excellent location, it is only approximately 3.5 miles from CWI (Ada Center), and it is on the Boise City bus route. There are several grocery stores, including Winco and Walmart, restaurants, and gas/convenience stores. My rent is 400.00 per month, utilities included, and no deposit. In my opinion, this dwelling is very suitable and I plan to be there until I find a small house where I can work on a car and have a dog or two. ~ Tim H

My name is Edward and I was recently released from prison after three years of incarceration. I had no place to go before being released and I was referred to Rising Sun by my case worker at the prison. I had my doubts about going to a halfway house as I had heard horror stories about people getting in trouble breaking the rules of their parole or the laws of society. I was accepted to one of the one halfway houses and when I showed up I was actually surprised by the cleanliness of the place. I share the house with respectful people. The manager where in this house runs it efficiently and makes sure that all who live here are following rules, being respectful and above all helps anyone in the house with anything in his power to do. They have AA meetings on a regular basis here that are ran well. Overall I am happy to be here. The house and the people are clean. The environment is positive. The people with Rising Sun are doing everything in their power to assist me in maintaining a pro-social, sober life. ~ Edward

I John G. got sober on 2/18/10. Prior to that I drank & used drugs for approximately 21 years. I had finally had enough of hitting bottom! It was time for me to get sober & where I was living I could not do this. Too many people around me with drugs & alcohol. Off to rehab I went. While in rehab someone suggested the Rising Sun Sober Living would be a good place for me when I completed rehab. I immediately became a guest upon completing rehab! It was exactly what I needed for my recovery. People just like me getting their lives back together! Guests of the Rising Sun Sober Living & I would regularly attend meetings of recovery together. I also enjoyed watching movies & cooking meals with other guests. The Rising Sun Sober Living has house rules which provided me with the structure I needed early in my recovery. Today I am still sober & I will always be grateful to the Rising Sun Sober Living.
~ Clean & Sober, John G.

Once released from prison I moved into the Rising Sun Sober Living House on Ustick and Milwaukee .If I hadn't come out of prison and move straight into a structured sober living house like the Rising Sun I know that I would be getting high and drunk already.I wouldn't be doing good like I am now.Rising Sun Has given me an opportunity to save money towards my own place and it gave me a clean and sober environment to do it in.

The houses are all nice and very clean, especially the house located on the corner of Ustick and Milwaukee.It has all new furniture and TV's in every room, it also has a computer room with three computers.The house manager is very helpful with any questions or concerns people have ,and they make sure that any supply's we need are always in the house.the Rising Sun Sober Living Houses will help you to get on your feet and stay sober ~ Cacey O.

To Rising Sun,

My name is Bo R. Before I was living in the Rising Sun I was isolating myself from friends and family and I suffered with mental illness for many years growing up. I was self-medicating myself by using prescription pain killers along with alcohol and marijuana while I was on probation.

My mom called mobile crisis on me and the cops came to do a wellness check on me and that is when my life changed. I was arrested with morphine needles and marijuana. I spent two months in jail, and then I was put into a court ordered program for 2 years. They were very strict and I didn’t know if I could complete the program. I was sent out to a local treatment program for 32 days of inpatient care and immediately upon discharge, I moved into Rising Sun Sober Living for the next two and half years.

At Rising Sun I was able to relate to the others living there, because we all were learning how to change our lives. I needed structure in my life and a positive influence.

Rising Sun was able to help me by having a curfew that kept me off the streets. It was a safe and clean environment. They supplied me with laundry soap and basic necessities. If felt safe and could sleep in peace ever night.

I enjoyed having William as my manager. He was always very uplifting and was always there to help me or give advice when I needed it. It helps when you learn to respect the house and have rules and chores to do each day.

I would recommend Rising Sun to anyone needing a positive influence while working on changing there life.
~ Bo R

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